Petite & Sweet

Petite & Sweet

May 9, 2011 | Food, Toronto | No Comments

So on a lovely Saturday afternoon shopping spree with a couple of my closest girlfriends, I stumbled into a little department store called Holt Renfrew. For my American friends, that is the Saks or Neimans equivalent. And on the second floor, stood a lovely little stand with the CUTEST dessert display!

Petite & Sweet, Toronto’s newest dessert and event planning boutique was selling samples of their delectable desserts! Some of their specialties, which I helped myself to include dipped marshmellows, french macarons and fancy oreos! The oreos were especially unique as they are dipped in chocolate and airbrushed with an edible design. I was thinking those would make an adorable wedding favor or dessert with the couple’s monogram painted on!

Not only were my treats sweet but the display was delectable. The cupcakes were on an adorable stand, macarons on mini chairs and gorgeous packaging and branding!

I expect the opposite of petite things from this dessert haven!

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